April 10 thru 12
Performing Arts Center
Roger Williams University
One Old Ferry Road
Bristol RI

The Dance Theatre
Spring Concert
Roger Williams University
Bristol Rhode Island 02809
April 10 thru 12 at 8pm
April 12 at 2pm
Tickets are $5 for students/seniors
$10.00 for general admission
Tickets may be purchased at the door
Concerts usually sell out
Or in advance at the RWU Performing Arts Center, Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm
For information call 254-3626.

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Featured are four dances by students. Jessica Pantaliano's solo is inspired by the music of Bob Marley. Candie Carpentier's piece with twelve dancers is based on various elements of partnering. Jessie Boudreau's piece is derived from concepts from the German Bauhaus School. Bouddreau with a dual major in Dance and Architecture applies concepts in design from both. Krissy Plunkett with ten dancers contrasts five dancers in Pointe shoes with five in bare feet.

Included in the evening is choreography by guest artists Billbob Brown and Jenny Rocha. Jenny Rocha is a 1996 graduate of the Roger Williams University Dance/Performance Studies Program. Her work has been seen in New York at the Chashama Theater on 42nd Street and this year in November at The Williamsburg Art Nexus in Brooklyn. Her piece explores the emotional extremes of vulnerability and strength as perceived through movement. Billbob Brown choreographed a Jazz piece for the Dance Theatre. An associate professor of Dance at UMass Amherst, he has toured nationally with the Bill Evans Company, was co-founder and artisitic director of Desert Dance Theatre in Phoenix and in Albuquerque and was director of Buen Viaje dancers, a group of dancers with disabilities. His Emmy-award winning video, Opening Doors, with Buen Viaje, has been seen on PBS stations across the country.

Elizabeth Spatz will premiere her latest work, At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners and choreographers Christine Bennett and Gary Shore will present work.

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