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Square dancing has moved on from its original simpler style to a highly complex set of foot patterns and weaving movements. Because square dance has been around for a couple centuries, it has developed the reputation of being old-fashioned. Nothing could be further from the truth- more people dance squares than ever before. The reason square dance has thrived while many other dances fell by the wayside is because it is intriguing, highly social, adaptable to many styles of music, and lots of fun. It is, however, a skilled dance which requires that some effort be put into learning it. In Rhode Island, Square Dance classes for beginners usually start in the Fall and run through May of the next year. After students finish the series of beginner classes, they are able to participate in Mainstream level dances. Most square dances in New England include round dances-see the article below for more information.

Square Dancing Today

Everett Mackin
Caller Teacher

Join one of the many Square Dance clubs in Rhode Island and nearby areas in order to learn square dancing. The square dance Caller will teach you. There are four couples in a square, and working as a team, in a noncompetitive environment, you will soon find yourself dancing to the music and doing the "calls" as naturally as walking.

Square Dancing has evolved over the years from the dances our ancestors did. Previously Square Dancing referred to dances as varied as old fashioned quadrilles and informal barn dancing. Modern square dancing now employs a wide range of dance steps, choreographed and called to a variety of golden oldies, country classics and today's popular music.

For information about introductory Fun Nights, where you can meet experienced dancers and learn elementary steps, sponsored by area clubs,
Contact: Paul T. Barnum
35 Hallville Road
Exeter, RI 02822-3208
(401) 294-2076

What Is Round Dancing?

Millie Bird
Round Dance Cuer/Teacher

Round Dancing is a couples dance characterized by the fact that everyone is dancing a set routine to a specific musical arrangement and by the uniform movement of the dancers in established circles around the hall.

It has been around for many years starting with the Two-Step, Waltz and Polka. Later the Fox Trot and the Latin rhythms(Cha-cha, Rumba, Tango, Samba, Mambo and Jive) became popular. Anyone can participate in Phase I through Phase IV according to their personal choice.

Round dancing uses many of the same dances as Ballroom Dancing, but everyone is doing the same move at the same time. This makes it fun to watch, and the beautiful music makes it fun to listen to.

For Round Dance lessons,
Contact: The Rhode Island Round Dance Teachers Association, Inc.
President,Peg Sutton
112 Helen Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886
Secretary,Marge Headen
529 Shippeetown Road
East Greenwich, RI 02818

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