Middle Eastern dance in Rhode Island including belly dance and tribal dance classes, middle eastern dance companies, news, events and where to purchase clothing.
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Who's Who

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*Angela Butler (Aradia)...Artistic director of Zingari East, Aradia teaches in Cranston and Providence and performs all over RI. Contact: aradiathewitch@yahoo.com. Website: http://www.zingari-east.com

* Ankhara (Julie Porter). Performer, choreographer, costumer and event planner based in the Providence area. Contact: ankhara@bellydanceri.com or 401-461-1034.

*Jessica Buhler...performer and dancer based in Providence jbuhler1@cox.net

* Katherine Carbone... Katherine Carbone teaches belly and afro-caribbean dance and is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She integrates modalities of Spiritual Dance, Energy Healing, Yoga and Expressive Arts to guide others on the path to deeper inner awareness and self transformation. As a teacher she creates a safe and nurturing environment where all participants feel free to celebrate their creativity. Contacts: bpresent@earthlink.net. Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~bpresent/dancecarbone/id18.html

* Barbara Derecktor-Donahue...The Dancing Spirit - performer, choreographer, teacher and promoter based in Tiverton. Barbara trained and taught ballet and modern dance before coming under the spell of the sinuous belly dance. Now a passionate exponent she has become RI's best known belly dancer. Contacts: 401-624-4289 & barb@thedancingspirit.com

* Kanina...Middle Eastern Dance teacher and performer, Kanina runs classes in East Providence, East Greenwich, and Wakefield and is available for private and sem-private classes. Kanina has studied, taught and performed Middle Eastern Dance for more than 30 years and is greatly influenced by the Armenian, Arabic and Turkish traditions. She was director and choreographer of the Beledi Dance troupe and served as choreographer, performer and board member of the Boston-based Middle East Dance Theatre. She has performed at Middle Eastern night clubs and cultural events throughout New England and was the featured performer in Arabian Nights, Holiday Inn, Aruba. Contacts: 401-837-9892 and kanina@cox.net. Website: www.Kaninadance.com

* Iris Khalida...performer of belly dance fused to non-traditional music. Contact: LadyMissIris@aol.com

* Sabra Jamal...expert in many traditional middle-eastern dance styles chealey430@aol.com

*Lola...popular New England performer based in Attleboro Massachusetts popular with American and Arab audiences alike. With a Lebanese virtuoso oudist father, and a belly dance instructor for a mother, Lola has a strong musical and dance background. She is a conservatory graduate violinist in addition to being certified in Russian-style ballet...all before she discovered her true passion that is belly dancing. Contact: 617-733-4141, info@loladance.com, http://www.loladance.com

* Neylon...performer, teacher 401-737-4713

*Nourhan Sharif...now based in New York City, but runs workshops in RI. Contact: Nourhan@aol.com

* Samina...performer, choreographer, teacher 401-737-4713

*Kristie Speck...teaches, dances & choreographs in the Providence area. Biography. Contact: 401-578-8468 & kristiespeck@cox.net Website: www.markbinder.com/kristiespeck

* Talia (Doreen Tucker)...teaches & choreographs in the Providence area xoTalia@aol.com (taking a break as of July 05)

* Jeri Verdi...teaches & choreographs in the Providence area info@dauntlessproductions.com

* Zaharah...performer, choreographer, director of Troupe Nasib, teaches in Warwick 401-737-4713

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