Rhode Island Dance Companies
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Rhode Island Dance Companies
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Dance companies of all kinds are listed here including youth groups and those affiliated with dance studios. They range from amateur to professional. If you know the name, click on the letter list above. To find a company doing a specific kind of dance or movement, click on the type of dance below. Listed in their own alphabetical section are dance companies in nearby states and those with Rhode Island connections.

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SGTV Alpenblumen
Shoda Moving Theatre
State Ballet of Rhode Island
Studio 34 Dance Co.

Shoda Moving Theatre
Theatrical Movement
A division of M·O·V·E
110 Highland Avenue
Barrington, RI 02806
Contact: Kelli Wicke Davis
Phone: 401-245-6956

Under the artistic direction of Kelli Wicke Davis, the choreography, narratives, and performances of Shoda Moving Theater are an imaginative incorporation of dance, mime, voice, masks, and gesture, which create a movement theatre style which is innovative and unusual in its presentation.

Their work has been presented at LeFestival Exite Creteil, France, the international Festival of Theatres, Switzerland; the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland; the Riverside Dance Festival, NYC; DIA Center for the Arts, NYC; and throughout the US. Shoda offers full concerts as well as workshops in dance and movement theatre.

updated 7Aug07

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State Ballet of Rhode Island
State Ballet of Rhode Island
52 Sherman Ave
Lincoln RI
PO Box 155
Lincoln, RI 02865
Contact: Herci Marsden
Phone: 401-334-2560
Fax: 401-334-0412
Website: http://www.stateballet.com

The State Ballet is a nonprofit, regional, semi-professional ballet company whose purpose is to promote and maintain the highest standards of dance education and performance.

Founded in 1960, it is RI's first established classical ballet company in residence. The company offers the best in full length story ballets, fairy tale classics and contemporary ballet, by guest choreographers, and Ana Fox-Marsden and Artistic Director, Herci Marsden.

Classes are offered at SBRI's school, Brae Crest School of Classical Ballet. Project Ballet in Education programs include bringing public and private school students to the ballet, or bringing the ballet to students (field trips, workshops, demonstrations)-designed for all school/community settings.

SBRI has three scholarships programs which are awarded to students based on talent and financial need.

updated 14Nov06

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Studio 34
Jazz & Tap

620 Killingly Street
Johnston RI
Contact: Debbie Mallozzi-Brzozowy
Phone: 401-474-6150
Website: http://go.to/studio34danceco

Studio 34 Dance Co. was founded in 1994 by its owner and director, Debbie Brzozowy and offers classes for adults as well as performance opportunities for dancers. The company consists of some of RI's best choreographers, and members, as well as guest artists, perform yearly at their annual dance concert. The company also performs for various local groups and charities throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

posted 6Feb00.updated 22Aug07

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Terpsichore (Y)
Theatre Expansion

Terpsichore Dance Company
Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet (Youth)
Narragansett Performing Arts Dance Centre
730 Kingstown Rd
Wakefield RI
Phone 401-789-5080

Terpsichore is a company of dancers (ages 13 and up) who study, perform and compete in the following dance forms: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical & Hip Hop Dance.

Terpsikids is the junior company for dance students from nine to twelve years.

posted 09Jun02.updated 07Feb02

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Theatre Expansion
Theatre, Performance Art & Modern Dance
104 Ives St. #4
Providence, RI 02906
Contact: Tim Rubel
Phone 401-440-5440
Website: http://www.theatreexpansion.org

The Theatre Expansion began in 2002 under the name Summer Theatre Three. For two seasons the company worked under the mission of producing controversial plays from three genres. Challenging modern/absurdist plays, obscure classic dramas and new unpublished works. Pinter's The Room and Shanley's The Dreamer Examines his Pillow (2002), followed by Marivaux's Double Infidelity and a new adaptation of Alan Lightman's book Einstein's Dreams written and directed by Peter Deffet (2003).

Movers as well as actors. Choreographers as well as directors and designers. Most of all, artists who have a passion for telling great dramatic stories through dance as well as theatre. A company committed to the practice of drama but universal in the artists it includes. Our future seasons will still include controversial straight plays but also pioneer Dance adaptations of Dramatic Literature, present socially relevant Performance Art plays and continue to break through boundaries between the different performing arts. Our first production under our new identity will be performed this August at the Bell Street Chapel. In our August production, you will see this kind of contemporary dance incorporated into a theatre production, to bring a more complete interpretation of a human experience. Come celebrate this experience with us.

posted 18Jun04.updated 5Oct08

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