June 4 - June 6, 2004
A conference bringing together scholars and practitioners of participatory art,
community performance, performance theory and related fields
Bryant College
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917

This three-day event, taking place on the green campus of Bryant College in Rhode Island, will address issues of community inclusion in the arts thru workshops, lectures and performances.
Themes and Questions to be addressed:
- What is the efficacy of arts interventions in building communities?
- What are the present and future roles of the arts in our social projects?
- Are there separate aesthetics of community arts?
- What are the relations between performance theory and practice?
- What communities are being served/how can they serve themselves?
- What factors hinder or further collaboration, dissemination, organization, and sharing?
- What are the relationships between activism and action, between performance and the performative, between the artistic and art?
- What are the practices of transformation and transgression in our contemporary cultural scene?
- What are the shapes, the smells, the scenes, the people and the places of politics?

Community/Performance will bring together artists, scholars, activists and community workers from the US and beyond. Community/Performance will provide a venue to share experiences, to celebrate our diversity, and to discuss our agendas.

As part of Community/Performance, the national organization ACN/Arts Culture Nature will sponsor a number of panels and workshops that address in particular art and ecology issues.

Conference costs have been kept low to allow wide participation
Attendee Fee: $120.00
Unwaged conference helpers/graduate students: $75.00
Fees include 2 breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday), 2 lunches (Saturday and Sunday) and food and drinks for 2 breaks. A number of low-cost housing options on campus will be available.

Bryant College is located in Northern Rhode Island, half an hour from Providence, one hour's drive away from Boston, and three hours from New York City.
PARTICIPATORY ART is an approach to making art that links imaginations by engaging the audience directly as co-creators of the work. Co-creation simply means creating together as equals.
This diverges from the traditional model of making art in the West, which has become based on a duality involving an active artist and a passive viewer, with little relationship between the two. Consummate works of art were created in this way, and yet there were also vast, unintended consequences. For instance, as the gap between the professional artist and the average person grew, people's confidence in and use of their own creative abilities diminished. 'Unsanctioned' forms of creativity were devalued. Could it be a partial legacy of this split that despite many advances in art by courageous individual artists, the man-made world as a whole has everywhere become uglier and more sterile, rather than culturally richer and more beautiful? - William M. Cochran http://bridge.skyline.net.


DEADLINE: November 1, 2004
Please send all queries and proposals by November 1st, 2003, to the Conference Director Petra Kuppers
Email: pkuppers@bryant.edu or aerfen@aol.com
Snail Mail:
Petra Kuppers
Asst. Professor of Performance Studies,
English and Cultural Studies Department
Bryant College
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917, USA


- Individual 20 min paper proposals that address issues of community art, participatory art, minority-culture and aesthetics, arts-in- education practices, e-communities, landscape and art, environmental art, performances of the everyday, popular culture and performance, etc. Please send a 300-500 word proposal, and biography.

- Roundtables of four participants discussing a specific topic relation to practice, theory, or organization. Please send a 500 word proposal, with details of all participants.

- Short performance pieces: 300 word proposal, biography and additional information: please state length, required technical support if appropriate, number of participants, etc.

- Workshops: 300 word proposal, biography and additional information: please state time required (up to 1.5 hours), requirements, min/max number of participants, etc.

- Material for media room: videos, internet sites, CD ROMs, DVDs, fine art, poster presentations: 100-300 word proposal or viewing copy, biography

- Material for outdoor exhibition: 100-300 word proposal or viewing copy, biography

At this time, there are no funds available to support participants' travels or to provide honoraria, but we will help participants to raise funds by providing letters of invitation.

A volume of selected papers from this conference is planned for publication.

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