After 15 years of being a part of Groundwerx Dance Theatre, as a co-founder, co-director, choreographer, performer, teacher, residency coordinator and, finally, sole director/manager/choreographer (phew!) it's time for me to do something special, and perhaps a bit selfish, for myself. It is with both great exicitement and sadness that I announce my departure from the Providence area to pursue a long post-poned dream... to attend graduate school. Beginning in September, I will be attending California State University at Long Beach to obtain my MFA in Dance.

While attending Cal State, where I will focus on technique and choreography, I hope to improve my craft and achieve a new level of excellence in my work. It is my goal to continue creating dances and to perform.

What about the company? As for the company, Groundwerx will continue to exist, in sleep mode while I am attending school, with the next chapter to be written upon my return. It is my hope to reinvent the company, yet again, after some much needed focus and food for my art.

What about the studio? Meanwhile, the studio will be taken over by Perishable Theatre with some of the dance programming continuing as before. The studio will be referred to as Groundwerx at Perishable Theatre.

Thank you To the many Groundwerx supporters who have volunteered time and resources, to the many Groundwerx fans who have cheered us on in our many phases, thank you for being there. Thank you for being an active part our community and for being an active part of the art. I hope you will continue to support dance in Rhode Island because we can't do this work without you.


Heather Ahern
Artistic Director
Groundwerx Dance Theatre