Festival Ballet

Festival Ballet's Sleeping Beauty
Performing Arts Center
Veterans Memorial Auditorium
1 Avenue of the Arts
Providence RI
April 23 & 24, 2004 at 730pm
April 24 & 25 at 230pm
Prices: $16.00 to $51.00*
Festival Ballet 401-353-1129
VMA Box Office: 401-272-4862
* $5.00 off on Friday Tickets!
Also student half price rush tickets one hour before curtain
ID required

Music Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Production Concept & Choreography
Milica Bijelic, Mihailo Djuric after Marius Petipa
Staged by Milica Bijelic, Mihailo Djuric
Scenery and Costumes Courtesy of Louisville Ballet, Bruce Simpson, Artistic Director
Lighting Design Deb Sullivan
Sound Engineering Wayne Johnson/Linway Media
Principal Characters
King Florestan Frank Campisano
His Queen Beth Reilly
Princess Aurora Karla Kovatch
Prince Desire Gleb Lyamenkoff
Catalabutte, Master of Ceremonies Mark Fleisher
Carabosse, the wicked fairy Mihailo Djuric
Lilac Fairy Carolyn Dellinger (Fri&Sun) Beth Petkus (Sat)
Prologue/The Christening
Fairy of the Crystal Fountain Jennifer Ricci (Fri&Sun) Daniela Debrot (Sat)
Fairy of the Enchanted Garden Emily Bromberg (Fri&Sun) Carolyn Dellinger (Sat)
Fairy of the Woodland Glade Leticia Guerrero (Fri&Sun) Heather O'Halloran (Sat)
Fairy of the Song-Birds Jennifer Young (Fri&Sun) Caitlin Novero (Sat)
Fairy of the Golden Vine Beth Petkus (Fri&Sun) Marissa Gomer (Sat)
The Fairy Attendants Daniela Debrot, Courtney Fraga, Marissa Gomer, Elizabeth Jessee, Caitlyn Novero, Heather O'Halloran (Fri&Sun)
Emily Bromberg, Leticia Guerrero, Elizabeth Jessee, Caitlin Novero, Jennifer Ricci, Jennifer Young (Sat)
Gargoyles James Brown, Desmond Chu, Ty Parmenter
Ladies of the Court Marrie Hadfield, Barbara Malloy, Mary Ann Mayer, Ann Morsilli, Vera Kurmasheva
Lords of the Court Desmond West Chow, Chi-Kuang Chu, Christopher Frechette, Callum Grieve, Gary Leveillee
Royal Nurses Barbara Kondilis, Becky Moore
Royal Pages Arthur Rocha, Cavin Conley, Zachary Bareham, Brandon McGuirk (Fri&Sun) Michael Paquin (Sat)
Act I - The Spell
The English Prince Piotr Ostaltsov
The Indian Prince Cameron Baldassarra
The Mongolian Prince Eivar Sair
The Spanish Prince Davide Vittorino
Princess Aurora's Friends Marissa Gomer, Elizabeth Jessee, Courtney Fraga, Caitlin Novero (Fri&Sun), Jennifer Young (Sat)
Village Maidens Ashley Andreas, Siobhan Chavarria (Fri eve&Sat eve), Hadley Eames (Sat mat& Sun), Suzanne Fish (Fri am), Aniela Kaczmarzyk (Sat), Nina Lauro, Nina Lauro, Sarah Medeiros, Jesica Whiteley (Fri&Sun), Sarah Williams
Villagers James Brown, Chi-Kuang Chu, Ty Parmenter
Act II - The Vision
Nymphs Ashley Andreas, Emily Bromberg, Siobhan Chavarria (Sat.), Daniela Debrot, Carolyn Dellinger (Sat.), Hadley Eames, Suzanne Fish (Fri., Sun.), Courtney Fraga, Marissa Gomer, Elizabeth Jessee, Aniela Kaczmarzyk (Fri., Sun.), Nina Lauro, Alexandra Liszewsky (Sat.), Sarah Medeiros, Caitlin Novero, Heather O'Halloran, Beth Petkus (Fri., Sun.), Jessica Whiteley, Sarah Williams, Jennifer Young
Act III - The Awakening / The Wedding
Pas de trios Emily Bromberg, Heather O'Halloran, Eivar Sair (Fri&Sun) Daniela Debrot, Carolyn Dellinger, Davide Vittorino (Sat.)
Princess Florina Leticia Guerrero (Fri& Sun) Jennifer Ricci (Sat) Bluebird Davide Vittorino (Fri&Sun) Eivar Sair (Sat)
White Cat Jennifer Ricci (Fri&Sun) Leticia Guerrero (Sat)
Puss in Boots James Brown (Fri&Sun) Ty Parmenter (Sat) Red Riding Hood Elizabeth Jessee (Fri&Sun) Jennifer Young (Sat)
Wolf Cameron Baldassarra (Fri&Sun) Piotr Ostaltsov (Sat)
Princess Aurora's Friends Marissa Gomer, Elizabeth Jessee (Sat), Courtney Farga, Caitlin Novero, Jennifer Young (Fri&Sun)
Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Prince Charming, & Courtiers Artists of Festival Ballet Providence, Faculty and student of the Festival Ballet Providence Center for Dance Education
Apotheosis All Company

Festival Ballet Providence concludes its 26th Season on April 23 thru 25, 2004 with one of the most enchanting ballet's in the repertoire, The Sleeping Beauty. Based on the familiar fairy tale, The Sleeping Beauty has become an unsurpassed masterpiece of classical ballet, beloved round the world for its wonderful storytelling and its superlative choreography. Tchaikovsky's score for The Sleeping Beauty is one of his most successful.

Festival Ballet Providence's version will be synthesized from Marius Petipa's original 1890 mammoth five hour, three-act production created for Russia's famed Maryinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, into an edited, more manageable two-hour production with one intermission. Festival Ballet Providence Artistic Director Mihailo Djuric and Ballet Mistress Milica Bijelic will collaborate to stage the work after that of Petipa, with special attention to retelling the story with prologue, three acts and apotheosis, showcasing the revered choreography, and maintaining the integrity of the dancing. This will be a dynamic and engaging production with a total of 43+ performers including one original company member, Ann Beretta Morsilli, involved in the production. To enhance the grandeur of this audience favorite, Mr. Djuric will borrow magnificent scenery and costumes for the production, from Louisville Ballet.

The ballet tells the familiar story that begins with the christening of King Florestan's newborn daughter, the Princess Aurora. Six fairies are invited and each bestows upon her their gifts for a full life: honesty, beauty, prosperity, lovely voice, authority and wisdom (or beauty, grace, generosity, song and temperament). Carabosse, an-ill tempered fairy enters, insulted at not having been invited, and lets her anger be known by casting a spell on the young princess. Once she becomes a beautiful young woman, she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. The Lilac Fairy intercedes, and diminishes Carabosse's curse, so that the princess will instead sleep until the kiss of true, devoted love wakes her. At Princess Aurora's 20th birthday, Carabosse, in disguise, smuggles in the spindle, the Princess pricks her finger and the entire court falls into a deep slumber that lasts 100 years. At last, a prince of true heart, aided by the Lilac Fairy, delivers the kiss that revives Princess Aurora and the court. The final scene is the celebration dance at their wedding.

The Sleeping Beauty has been the inspiration for many dance careers since its creation in 1890, and a building block in developing an appreciation for classical ballet. An eight year old Anna Pavlova was inspired to be a dancer at her first performance, The Sleeping Beauty; George Balanchine danced in early productions; and Margot Fonteyn became renowned in the U.S. as Princess Aurora when the Sadler Wells Ballet premiered The Sleeping Beauty in New York in 1949, a role she had created ten years earlier with the company at age 19.

Similarly, Mr. Djuric hopes this ballet will be the turning point for a number of budding young dancers in the audience. "Like so many others before me, I found my lifelong love for dance at the theater at an early age, seeing a performance that seemed like another world to me. It is my hope in staging this magnificent ballet that it, and others in Festival Ballet Providence's growing repertoire, inspire a whole new generation of dancers and dance patrons. "

Initial casting of principal characters includes Karla Kovatch as Princess Aurora, Gleb Lyamenkoff as Prince Desirè, Frank Campisano as King Florestan, Beth Reilly as His Queen, Mr. Djuric plays Carabosse, Carolyn Dellinger and Beth Petkus sharing the role of the Lilac Fairy, Leticia Guerrero and Jennifer Ricci sharing the role of Princess Florine, Eivar Sair and Davide Vittorino sharing the role of Blue Bird, and Mark Fleisher as Cantalbutte, the Master of Ceremonies.

Four performances open to the public will take place at the VMA Arts & Cultural Center in Providence, Rhode Island, April 23 -25, on Friday at 7:30 pm, on Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30 pm and on Sunday at 2:30 pm.

Reserved tickets for performances are priced from $16 to $51. Opening night theater-goers receive a $5.00 discount off regular ticket prices. To purchase tickets, contact one of the following: online or call 800.919.6272; the VMA Box Office Thursday and Fridays, 401.272.4862: Festival Ballet Providence, 825 Hope Street, Providence, 401.353.1129

Festival Ballet Providence will offer a special Discover Dance performance of The Sleeping Beauty for school groups Friday April 23rd at 10:00 am. For further details to reserve seating, schools and PTA/PTO members are encouraged to call Festival Ballet Providence, 401.353.1129.

The Sleeping Beauty was last performed by Festival Ballet Providence in 1997, as staged by co-founder Winthrop Corey.

This production of Sleeping Beauty is made possible in part by season Presenting Sponsor Sovereign Bank, The Providence Journal, season television sponsor NBC10, Clear Channel Communications and ongoing support from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

This season Festival Ballet Providence is offering a special Five Dollar Off Fridays promotion, to encourage audiences to experience the excitement of opening night. Reserved tickets (priced from $15 to $50) and season subscriptions are available by contacting Tickets are now on sale, with prices ranging from $12 to $50. Advanced reserved tickets may be purchased by contacting Festival Ballet Providence at 401.353.1129, ordering online at, (also 800.919.6272), or through the VMA box office. Email inquiries may be directed to Group discounts are available.

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