Festival Ballet Providence
The Nutcracker
Providence Performing Arts Center
220 Weybosset Street
Providence RI
December 10 to 12, 2004
Friday at 7:30 pm
Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30 pm
Sunday at 1:00 and 6:30 PM
Prices: $17.50 to $52.50
PPAC Box Office 401-421-2787
Group discounts: 401-421-2997x3162
Also student half price rush tickets one hour before curtain
ID required


Festival Ballet Providence has the Perfect Christmas Present for your special someone - A Nutcracker Charm Bracelet. It comes in two different styles and in its own Festival Ballet gift bag. You can see and purchase the bracelet at FB's studio or at FB's WEBSITE (website photo doesn't do it justice)
Addicted to the Nutcracker?
The Providence Phoenix's Jeffrey Gantz has written an online review of NUTCRACKER VIDEOS. Pick one (or two) and watch them during the rest of the year.


Presents The Nutcracker

Festival Ballet Providence celebrates the holiday season with its annual favorite, The Nutcracker. Five performances will take place in the opulent Providence Performing Arts Center December 10 to 12, 2004

Festival Ballet Providence is pleased to announce the return of the Festival Ballet Providence Orchestra, providing live music under the baton of conductor Dr. Edward Markward. Ticket sales are already brisk for this magical production by one of New England's leading dance companies. This story ballet follows a young girl, Clara, whose gift of a Nutcracker doll from her beloved Uncle Drosselmeyer leads her from a joyous family Christmas party complete with dancing dolls and a tree that grows 30 feet in height, to a midnight battle pitting a battalion life-size toy soldiers against gigantic mice lead by the Mouse Queen. Protected by her gallant Nutcracker, Clara survives the ordeal, finding her Nutcracker doll has been transformed into a human. He leads her through a snowstorm of dancing snowflakes to the delectable Kingdom of Sweets, where the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier reign over a colorful troupe of dancers from round the world. They celebrate the victory over the Mouse Queen with brilliant dances that culminates in a grand finale.

Festival Ballet Providence Artistic Director Misha Djuric is excited for audiences to see this year's production of The Nutcracker. He noted "We had a huge turnout for the world premiere of our season opener, The Widow's Broom. There was a big increase in families attending that ballet, and with the family appeal of The Nutcracker, we hope to see many new faces at PPAC as well. Our production of The Nutcracker is a long-standing family tradition for audiences from throughout the region, and an important part of a young person's exposure to this unique art form. Since The Nutcracker is often an audience member's first exposure to ballet, we do what we can to make the experience extra special. The live orchestra and talent of our dancers are just two of the many things that set this production apart from all the other holiday dance productions." The Providence Journal call FBP's Nutcracker "a production full of spectacle and splendor". The production also distinguishes itself with over 100 talented young dancers from throughout the region, who auditioned for roles such as Angels, Party Children, Candy Dolls, Mice, Soldiers and Russian dancers.

Sponsors: Festival Ballet Providence's 2004 production of The Nutcracker is sponsored by Season Presenting Sponsor Sovereign Bank, Swarovski, David Yurman, Residential Properties, Armbrust International, C & J Jewelry, season television sponsor NBC10, Cox Business Services, Coast 93.9 and ongoing support from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

Festival Ballet Providence will also be offering Clara's Tea & Brunch on Sunday December 12th from 11 am to 12:30 pm at the Federal Reserve Restaurant, 60 Dorrance Street, Providence, prior to the 1:00 pm matinee performance. This holiday-themed meal is complete with holiday decorations, dozens of Nutcrackers adorning the holiday-themed dining room, tea sandwiches, pastries, tea and coffee. Clara's Tea Party makes the visit to the Kingdom of Sweets even more special. See Clara's Tea & Brunch page for more information.

To reserve seating for Clara's Tea, call Festival Ballet Providence, 401.353.1129. Reservations and full payment must be received by December 09, 2003.

Festival Ballet Providence also offers two additional performances of The Nutcracker as part of its Discover Dance program, specifically marketed to school groups, nursing and retirement groups, and social service agencies. These school day performances take place at 10 am December 12 and December 15. These performances provide invaluable exposure to over 5,000 children and seniors annually from throughout the region. Schools and agencies interested in information about this program should contact Festival Ballet Providence, 401.353.1129


Music Peter I. Tchaikovsky
Choreography Mihailo Djuric
Lighting Designer Deborah Sullivan
Stage Manager Jenny Peek
Costumes F. Bromberg, W. Corey, M. Djuric, A. Morsilli, M. Williams
Headpieces accessories: M.Djuric, McPherson Design
Set Design Doug Cumming
Scrim Design Doug Cumming
Executed by Todd Snow (Act I) and Yankee Scenic (Act II)
Technical Director Jeremy Woodward
Set Dresser Michael Getz
Sound Engineer Wayne Johnson

Ashley Andries
Herr Drosselmeyer
Piotr Ostaltsov
Zachary Bareham (Dec 10, Dec 11 evening; Dec 12 matinee)
Cavin Conley (Dec 11 mat; Dec 12 eve)
Nina Lauro, Suzanne Fish
Frau Silberhaus
Marissa Gomer (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Beth Reilly (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Judge Silberhaus
Frank Campisano
Emily Bromberg, Erica Chipp, Daniela Debrot, Carolyn Dellinger, Courtney Fraga, Elizabeth Jessee, Heather O'Halloran, Jennifer Young, Cameron Baldassarra, Mark Harootian, Gleb Lyamenkoff, Eivar Martinez, Davide Vittorino
Clara's Friends
Siobhan Chavarria, Hadley Eames
Emily Carranza, Kelsey Collard, Rachel Cote, Kara Gentile, Dakota Goldsmith, Ana Carolina Hoff, Dana Kaspi, Simone Leon, Marianna Martinz, Nicole Sadaniantz, Bianca Sciotti, Lauren Sylvia, Margaret Walsh, Ian Brown, Samuel Dufresne, Christopher Fish, Christian Frangos, David Lavallee, Brandon McGuirk, Humza Mirza, Michael Paquin, William Valles
Columbine Doll
Jennifer Ricci (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Jennifer Young (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Harlequin Doll
Andrew Skeels (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Ty Parmenter (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Candy Dolls
Guilia Conley, Jesse Chase-Lubitz, Hannah Evans, Remy Fischer, Jaclyn Gagnon, Aleia Gardner, Katherine Kelly, Alexandra Keogh, Sylvie Mayer, Alexandra Morris, Meredith Peppes, Samantha Rich, Katherine Sadaniantz, Eileen Welch
Mouse Queen
Leticia Gurerro (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Karla Kovatch (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
The Nutcracker
Ty Parmenter (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Andrew Skeels (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Amber Brown, Olivia Carr, Charissa DiNobile, Kirsten Evans, Sarah Jane Gray, Katie Healy, Chelsea Johnson, Christina Martinez, Katie Paquin, Hannah Rogers, Kathleen Salamone, Lacey Shapiro, Sophia Van Allsburg
Brittany Benson, Emma Burke, Olivia Burke, Amanda Carlino, Maya Chin, Ashley Connolly, Brittany Dickie, Caitlyn Doucette, Stephanie Geiger, Helen Manzella, Jenna Musco, Samantha Nunes, Jessica Scott, Alexa Stufano, Hannah Subotnick, Randie White
Snow Queen
Heather O'Halloran (Dec. 10 eve.; Dec.12 mat.)
Jennifer Ricci (Dec. 11 am & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Snow King
Davide Vittorino (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Gleb Lyamenkoff (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Lead Snowflakes
Emily Bromberg, Daniela Debrot (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Carolyn Dellinger, Marissa Gomer (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Emily Bromberg, Siobhan Chavarria, Erica Chipp, Daniela Debrot, Carolyn Dellinger, Hadley Eames, Suzanne Fish, Courtney Fraga, Marissa Gomer, Elizabeth Jessee, Nina Lauro, Caitlin Novero, Heather O'Halloran, Jennifer Young
Quizia Alves, Caroline Axelrod, Gabriella Baffoni, Alannah Bareham, Romie Bois, Sydney Borges, Lucy Carlisle, Sarah Chin, Stephanie Cohn, Brianna DeLuca, Tiara Ferreira, Olivia Frangos, Sparoh Gable, Gabriella Garofalo, Katherine Garrahy, Symone Gilbert, Erin Harten, Olivia Hewitt, Olivia Kaczmarzyk, Alexandra Kijak, Sarah Leger, Isabella Maclea, Holly Marshall, Cecelia Masiello, Gazmine Mason, Ella Myette, Sarah O'Grady, Alexandra Ortiz, Mia Palumbo, Lucy Patterson, Kathleen Sai-Halasz, Southida Saykouman, Katherine Scott, Anna Seto, Maya St. Germain, Jennifer Tudino, Andriana Vendetti, Isabella Welch, Joyce Welch, Sasha Wilhelm-Hart
Siobhan Chavarria, Charissa DiNobile, Hadley Eames, Kirsten Evans, Suzanne Fish, Sarah Jane Gray, Katie Healy, Chelsea Johnson, Nina Lauro, Katie Paquin, Hannah Rogers, Kathleen Salamone
Sugar Plum Fairy
Karla Kovatch (Dec 10 eve; Dec12 mat)
Leticia Guerro (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec. 12 eve)
Her Cavalier
Gleb Lyamenkoff (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Davide Vittorino (Dec 11-mat & eve; Dec 14 eve)
Carolyn Dellinger, Marissa Gomer (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat.)
Courtney Fraga, Elizabeth Jessie (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec12 eve)
Heather O'Halloran, Jennifer Young, Andrew Skeels (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Emily Bromberg, Daniela Debrot, Ty Parmenter (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Caitlin Novero, Mark Harootian (Dec 10 eve; Dec 11 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Erica Chipp, Mark Harootian (Dec 11 mat; Dec 12 eve)
Jennifer Ricci, Eivar Martinez (Dec 10 eve; Dec 11 eve; Dec12 ma.)
Heather O'Halloran, Eivar Martinez (Dec 11 mat; Dec 12 eve.)
Cameron Baldassarra
Amber Brown, Brittany Benson, Olivia Burke, Oliva Carr, Charissa DiNobile, Kirsten Evans, Suzanne Fish, Sarah Jane Gray, Katie Healy, Chelsea Johnson, Christina Martinez, Katie Paquin, Hannah Rogers, Kathleen Salamone, Jessica Scott, Lacey Shapiro, Sophia Van Allsburg
Dew Drop Fairy
Leticia Guerrero (Dec 10 eve; Dec 12 mat)
Karla Kovatch (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 12 eve)
Lead Flowers
Emily Bromberg, Daniela Debrot (Dec 10 eve; Dec12 mat)
Carolyn Dellinger, Marissa Gomer (Dec 11 mat & eve; Dec 11 eve)
Emily Bromberg, Siobhan Chavarria, Erica Chipp, Daniela Debrot, Carolyn Dellinger, Hadley Eames, Suzanne Fish, Courtney Fraga, Marissa Gomer, Elizabeth Jessee, Nina Lauro, Caitlyn Novero, Heather O'Halloran, Jennifer Young
Casting subject to change

Artists of the Orchestra

Conductor Edward Markward
Orchestra Manager Gene Crisafulli
1st Violin Sophia Herman
Amy Rosenthal,Charles Sherba, Mary Ellen Dollard
2nd Violin Lois Finkel
Laura Gulley, Carlose Romero
Viola Consuelo Sherba, Stephen Starkman
Cello Hrant Titian, Daniel Harp
Bass Eliot Porter, Karen Pandolfi
Flute Jackie Devoe
Flute/Piccolo Mary Ellen Guzzio
Oboe Jane Murray, Denise Plaza Martin
Clarinet Sandra Halberstadt, Margo McGowan
Bassoon James Kirker
French Horn David Gasper, Elizabeth D. Gates
Trumpet Gene Crisafulli, Klancy Martin
Trombone Joel Gates
Harp Hyunjung Choi
Celeste Paul Rosenbloom
Timpani John Beaulieu
Percussion Michael DeQuatro


This production is based on the fairy tale by E. T. A. Hoffman, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King as retold by Alexander Dumas. The performance lasts approximately 2 hours, including a 20-minute intermission.

Act I
Scene 1: The Street
Before the turn of the century, in the German city of Nuremburg, friends and relatives of Judge Silberhaus enjoy the festive holiday atmosphere on the street as they approach the Silberhaus home.
Scene 2: The Party
The guests have arrived at the Silberhaus home on Christmas Eve, for a party in honor of the Silberhaus children, Fritz and Clara. While the parents put final touches on the enormous Christmas tree, the children wait patiently in another room. When everything is ready, the children rush boisterously into the ballroom to join the party. The enormous tree becomes the center of attention as the children wait for Mr. Silberhaus to light the candles. After the tree is lit, the children are given presents from beneath the tree and eagerly begin to play with their toys: dolls, trumpets, snowflake wands and a wooden toy horse. Suddenly, the party is interrupted by the arrival of Fritz and Clara's godfather, the eccentric Herr Drosselmeyer. After charming the children with a story of a beautiful princess who is rescued from a wrathful Mouse Queen by a handsome young prince, Drosselmeyer distracts everyone's attention with some dazzling toys he has made for their amusement. Drosselmeyer's toys - a Harlequin Doll, a pretty Columbine Doll and several Candy Dolls - are exceptionally life-like and perform for all the guests. Drosselmeyer has created a special toy, a Nutcracker in the form of a soldier, for his godchild, Clara. Clara is absolutely delighted and dances to a lullaby. In a fit of peevish jealousy, Fritz snatches the toy from his sister and breaks it. A tearful Clara is consoled by Drosselmeyer who bandages the toy and promises that all will be well. The party resumes and the parents perform a final, traditional party dance before they depart for their own warm beds.

Scene 3: The Dream / Battle Scene
Clara, unable to sleep from all the excitement, remembers she has left her Nutcracker downstairs. Reappearing in the dimly lit room in her nightdress, she retrieves her beloved toy. Drosselmeyer appears from behind the clock as if his magical powers were the controlling force of the fantasy to come. As the clock strikes midnight, the vicious Mouse Queen appears with her army of mice. Drosselmeyer intercedes and transforms Clara's new toy into a life-sized Nutcracker who assembles his troop of soldiers to protect Clara. As the Christmas tree grows, the room is filled with mice and soldiers, and Clara's nightmare takes on gigantic proportions. An exciting battle ensues, and the Nutcracker is mortally wounded. Drosselmeyer magically transforms the Nutcracker into a handsome prince. Her dream moves from nightmare to fantasy as the prince invites Clara to accompany him on a journey to every child's paradise, the Kingdom of Sweets.

Scene 4: The Dream / Land of Snow
Clara and her prince make their way through a magical Land of Snow on the path to the Kingdom of Sweets. In the glistening, snow-covered forest, she is introduced to the Snow Queen and Snow King as she continues her journey through a whirlwind of swirling snowflakes.


Act II
Scene I: The Kingdom of Sweets
As Clara and the prince meet the angels and enter the Kingdom of Sweets, they are greeted by their hosts, the gracious Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier. Clara recounts the battle with the Mouse Queen and is placed on a throne surrounded by confections of every land. In honor of Clara's bravery, a grand divertissement of majestic entertainment is presented. Dances from far-away countries are performed: the chocolate dance from Spain, marzipan from France, the tea dance from China, the coffee dance from Arabia, followed by Trepak from Russia. Enthralled by all she has seen, Clara and her Prince join in and dance among the flowers in a beautiful waltz. Her dream culminates as she is lead by all the confections in an exciting finale. Clara awakens with the realization that it has all been a dream, and embraces her Nutcracker, knowing she will never forget this magical Christmas Eve.



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Photographs by Thomas Nola-Rion
Photogrpahy at top of page is Piotr Ostaltsov as Uncle Drosselmeyer
with the children in 2002 Nutcracker
Photograph on the side is Gleb Lyamenkoff
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