Derek Perry and Doug Perry now dance in Hollywood California - July 2004


Doug (lt) and Derek (rt) Perry work out the details in Meaghan McDonough's costume. Dress rehearsal at Jean Deluca Dance 13Sep03

Links to projects Derek & Doug Perry have been working on. The first link will take you to a photograph of the dancers (inluding Doug and Derek) from Twysted Elegance that was taken before a show in Beverly Hills.
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JUNE 2004


Doug and Derek Perry were founding members of Dance Planet - a high energy MTV style dance company. With Derek and Doug as Directors, a talented passionate group of dancers and a loyal fan base, Dance Planet sold out their very first concert in 2002 and staked their claim as Rhode Island's most likely to succeed new company. However in 2003, in the time-honored tradition of searching for fame and fortune, Derek and Doug packed their bags and took their dancing feet to California. RiDance asked them for an update, and Derek has sent us the following...

Hi, how are you doing? How is everything going in RI? I still check to see what everybody is up to. Doug and I are still in California...we like living here a lot. It's like a dream come true for us with all the dance opportunities, theme parks and nice weather.

When we first got here, we went to some auditions for Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott and Madonna which were good learning experiences. The two of us also started performing with R&B/pop singer, Jania and choreographing/dancing for the Miss Orange County Pageant. Doug and I have been taking lots of classes and it is cool to see these big dancers/choreographers dancing next to you in class or even famous singers and actors taking the classes is very inspiring!

We dance in a tribute band called Twysted Elegance. It is a Janet Jackson tribute band and most of the choreography is from her concert tours and music videos. Most of the group's performances are at casinos and nightclubs. There are eight dancers, two back-up singers, a full band and one 'Janet'. Two of the dancers, Blyss and Liz, were finalists on the Wade Robson Project last fall on it's cool to hear their stories about dancing on that show.

Doug and I filmed a special twin episode of Dance 360 a few weeks ago. It is a new dance competition show that is scheduled to air in September on UPN. It involves mostly freestyle dancing and it was a lot of fun. Doug and I were laughing through most of it because it was just a wild show and we knew the other two sets of twins we competed against.

This weekend we are performing with Gioia Bruno, a singer who used to be in the 80's pop group, Expose. We actually worked with her when we were back on the east coast and are excited to be dancing backup for her again because she is a very energetic performer! Doug and I choreographed four of the five numbers that we are performing with her this weekend for a nightclub gig and at LA Pride. She has a new CD coming out, so we are planning on doing more shows with her this summer and filming a music video for her next single.

In the beginning of July, Doug and I will be dancing in Las Vegas with another singer, Sixx Carter. We have done some shows with her at nightclubs in LA and a local TV appearance with her. Sixx has a new single out called Hypnotized that I am currently reworking into a dance remix.

Besides that, we have been teaching dance classes, working the front desk at the Millennium Dance Complex, and working on some other projects like a music video for an artist from Taiwan and an independent musical film called Sound of Football. It is about a high school football team that is now coached by the high school's drama teacher and he incorporates dance moves into the football plays. Interesting concept, but it's definitely not fun trying to dance in the football gear and helmets!

We also started up a west coast version of Dance Planet and have been performing with them under the names Dance Planet and Planet Mai (mai means dance in Japanese). One of the dancers, Ceyjay, relocated to LA from New England last year too. He is from Boston's Rainbow Tribe Dance Company. Four of the dancers from Dance Planet in RI, (Kristen Penza, Meaghan McDonough, Tosya Lewis, Christina DiBiasio) will be spending some time taking classes with us in LA this summer. Back in RI, they have performanced at Bright Night, Taste of Newport and for the Paw Sox. Brooke Young took over teaching my classes at Fusionworks, Denise Brown will be in Italy this summer and then will be in New York for school in the fall, and Autumne Montague was working at Broadway Dance Center in New York.
- Derek Perry June 18, 2004

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