New Perspectives
Sunday February 23
Physical Therapy Bldg
Independence Way
University of Rhode Island
Kingston Rhode Island 02822






Dance Alliance Inc
P.O.Box 372
East Greenwich RI 02818

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Email hscheff@cox.net


9:00am - 9:15am Registration and coffee

9:15am - 9:30am Welcome from Mark Rowinski PhD, PT & Louis Moniz Jr. President of Dance Alliance

9:30am - 10:00am Keynote Speaker: Lyle Micheli, MD Overview of Performance Medicine: Where it was! Where is it Today? What is the Future? What part do we play?

10:00am - 11:00am Full Recovery from Complete Tendon Rupture Sustained by an Elite Female Ballet Dancer: A Case Study (with accompanying video). Michelina Cassella, PT, Christine Ploski, MS PT PCS, Lyle J.Michele, MD

11:00am - 11:45am Panel Discussion of Safe Practices in all Performance Arts

11:45am - 12:15pm Female Athlete Triad as it relates to Performing Artists. John Golberg, MD

1215pm - 1:00pm Lunch (included in seminar price- vegetarian will be available)

1:00pm - 2:30pm Participation or Observation Session - The ABC's of Body Awareness in Space: Approach to, Benefits of & Comparison of Pilates, Feldenkris, Rolfing and the Alexander Technique. Jennifer Davis, Laura French, Steve Cavanaugh & Mara Sokolsky

230pm - 3:00pm Performance Psychology. Tim Heitzman, PhD

3:00pm - 4:15pm Concurrent Participation or Observation Sessions (Pick One!)
  1. - The Professional Voice: Key points to maintaining vocal health in the Performing Arts. Gina Calise, MS,CC-SLP
  2. - Boston Ballet Student Clinic: An Aid to Injury Prevention Heather Southwick, PT
    Musculoskeletal Factors that Limit Optimal Alignment for Dancers: Recommendations for Assessment and Corrective Exercise. Jennifer Davis, MSPT
  3. - Instrumentalists and the Challenge of Repetitive Motion. Alan Hoff, OTR/L
  4. - Principles for Effective Stretching for All Performers; Stretch What you Strengthen. Mark Rowinski, PhD PT
    Recognizing Overuse Injury in Performers. J.Russ Dufresne, RNP
All Day - A display of professional books from Human Kinetics Publishers will be available for your perusal. Books may be ordered from home to be shipped to home.

Wear Comfortable Clothes
There are optional movement sections in this seminar

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