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Sunday February 23
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Sunday February 23, 2003

Dance Alliance of Rhode Island invites the performance and medical communities (and other interested parties) to participate in New Perspectives - A Performance Arts Medicine Seminar on February 23, 2003.

The goal of this day-long seminar is to promote a safer environment (and longer careers) in the Performing Arts and to increase awareness of the medical and scientific information available to the Performing Arts. Recent research and the some of the most up-to-date therapeutic approaches for the prevention and treatment of movement injuries will be covered. Topics will include the career-saving treatment of a snapped Achilles tendon at the Boston Ballet, how to evaluate dance students, an introduction to Body Therapies, Performance Psychology, and more.

Anyone interested in decreasing the chances for injury and improving recovery for performing artists (and recreational artists) is welcome to attend. Dancers, Actors, Vocal & Instrumental Musicians, Figure Skaters, Gymnasts, Performing Arts Educators and Medical Practioners will all benefit from this seminar.
  • The morning is devoted to an overview of Performance Medicine with a case study and a panel discussion by some of New England's top Orthopedic/Performance specialists.
  • After lunch (included in the seminar price) Attendees are invited to participate (or observe) in a comparision of four different Movement Therapies - Pilates, Feldenkris, Rolfing and the Alexander Technique. Practioners will compare and contrast these different modalities while leading attendees thru short sessions so they may experience the techniques for themselves.
  • There will be a talk on Performance Psychology and how it can enhance performance skills.
  • Break-out sessions round-out the day. You may choose from 4 different programs: A. The Professional Voice - how to keep it in good health; B. Boston Ballet's Student Clinic & musculoskeletal factors that limit optimal alignment for dancers with assessment and corrective exercises; C. Repetitive motion problems and their prevention/treatment in instrumentalists; and D. The principles for effective stretching & how to recognize overuse injury in performers.
  • A display of professional books from Human Kinetics Publishers will be available for your perusal.
Registration is limited to 125 people and the seminar is expected to sell out. If you are planning to attend, you should register now. To receive a brochure/registration form (you may also print out the online form), send a stamped addressed envelope to Dance Alliance, Performance Arts Medicine Seminar, P.O. Box 372, E. Greenwich RI 02818.

The Seminar is being co-hosted by Dance Alliance, the RI Alliance for Arts Education and the University of Rhode Island Physical Therapy Program, and will be held at URI's Physical Therapy Department in Kingston Rhode Island. Thanks to the generous donations of the above groups, the speakers and additional funding by the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, you will pay a much lower price for New Perspectives than would otherwise be possible.

Wear Comfortable Clothes
There are optional movement sections in this seminar

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