Barboza/Gay-teacher,studio director
Bertrand/Marc and Kristen-teachers,dancers,choreographer(ballroom)
Blackbird/Alexandra-dancer,teacher,choreographer (numerous)
Bogart/Ben-teacher,dancer(Argentine tango)
Boggs/Dorisa-technical director
Bouthillier/Joe and Clo-teachers(ballroom)
Brazier/Joan-dancer,movement therapist(modern)
Brule/Alissa - teacher/educator/director (jazz,tap)
Buckley/Carol Anne-teacher(hula)
Budd/Amy Lynn-director,performer,producer (theatre,belly dance,burlesque)
Burns/Cheryl-teacher,IMC manager(ballet,tap,jazz) Burrill/Billie Ann-teacher,faculty,dance educator


Dancer,Choreographer,Faculty,Teacher,Artistic Director
Modern, West African Dance/Music, Movement Theatre
Michelle Bach-Coulibaly is a teacher, choreographer, and dancer. She is on the faculty of Connecticut College, the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center's National Theatre Institute, Brown University and the Brown/Trinity Consortium which provides a three-year professional masters program in the performing arts to students under the auspices of Brown and Trinity Repertory. She is choreographer-in-residence with the Touring and Repertory Dance Theatre at Brown University; directs the children's West African Dance Company; Little Babemba; and performs and teaches in schools throughout the New England states.

Ms. Bach is also artistic director of modern dance troupe, New Works/World Traditions, an all women's theatrical company that writes and presents original movement operas. She is currently working on a documentary, and accompanying textbook on the social and popular dances of the Bambara peoples of Mali, West Africa. With her troupe, she has developed inter-active programs that incorporate ritual play, drumming, storytelling, call and response singing, and dances that honor the West African Tradition in relation to their influence upon American culture. Michele choreographs modern and ballet pieces with many major dance companies, and offers classes in African Dance in Providence. She and her husband Seydou Coulibaly host yearly cultural trips to Mali (in August) to study drumming, dance, and Mande culture.
PHONE: 401-863-3285
EMAIL: Michelle_Bach-Coulibaly@Brown.edu
posted 25Jan01.updated 03Jan02

Rachael Balaban graduated from Brown in 1980 and dances with the Arabella Project. In 2001, she danced with the company in the premiere performance of Sumati Eberstadt's The Good, the Sad and the Ugly at The American Dance Legacy's Winter Dance Concert.
ARCHIVE: July 20, 2001 performed with the Arabella Project in The Good, the Sad and the Ugly and Not So Fast as part of Island Moving Co's 2001 Flight of Steps dance series held at Fort Adams State Park in Newport.
March 3,2001 performed in the premiere of Arabella Project's The Good, the Sad and the Ugly at The American Dance Legacy Institute's Winter Mini-Fest Dance Concert Ashamu Dance Theatre Brown University
posted 3Mar01/updated 21Jul01

Teacher, Choreographer, Director, Studio Owner
Pre-school, tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, acrobatics
Gay Barboza, grew up dancing under the watchful eyes of her mother, April, and aunts, May and June. Beginning her teaching career in 1988, Barboza has studied under numerous master and professional teachers. She teaches students from age two through adult and monitors new teaching techniques regularly. Barboza produces creative, technically sound dancers; many of whom have gone on to study at the college level and have received scholarships for technique and performance. Some of her students have gone on to RIC, URI and Dean College, and others have become instructors themselves. She has been an instructor for the North Attleboro Parks & Recreation Department, the Attleboro YMCA and local daycare facilities. In recent years, she has also helped to choreograph numerous baton routines for the Ocean State Twirling Studio, which have won local, regional and national titles. In September 2004 she became the owner/director of her mother's studio, April, May & June's School of Dance, which celebrated its 50th year during the 2004-2005 season.
ADDRESS: 104 County Street Attleboro, MA 02703
PHONE: 508-223-3600
FAX: 508-226-0108
EMAIL: amjschoolofdance@aol.com
WEBSITE: www.amjdance.com
posted 10Mar05

Choreographer, Dancer
2001 was Jena Barrette's sixth season at Theatre-By-The-Sea. Her most recent project is The King and I running from 24 July to 19 August. In addition, She has performed and danced for TBTS in Dames at Sea, Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, Oklahoma! and 42nd Street. She was in the national tour of Crazy for You, and is the Theatre Arts/Dance Teacher at Woonsocket High School.

Jena Barrette displays her insightful choreography throughout with a fantastic rendition of Uncle Thomas' ballet scene. This long dancing segment is kept fresh with the powerful ballet steps including ice skating and a dog chase segment. Jena also choreographs the energetic polka, Shall We Dance, the fan dance and the procession scene. A very impressive skill, Jena uses, is the wonderful Oriental hand gestures utilized by the cast. The perfect blending of director, music director and choreographer shows the proper way a musical should be.
From review by Tony Annicone of Theatre By the Sea's The King and I from THE THEATER MIRROR

posted 02Aug01.updated 19Aug03

Michelle Bastien-Geremia is an adjunct dance instructor at Rhode Island College where she teaches Technique, Repertory and Performance. She also serves as Rehearsal Director for the Rhode Island College Dance Company, where she teaches dance classes and organizes and rehearses repertory for the Dance Company's annual Mini-concert series for Rhode Island school-aged children each fall. She has presented and set her own work with the Rhode Island College Dance Company. In addition, Michelle teaches dance and gymnastics at Neon Dance Theatre under the artistic Direction of Angelica Vessella, where she has also choreographed.
posted 25Jan01

My love for Ballroom Dance Started in 1978 as a student in ballroom dance. In 1980 I left Rhode Island to live in Dallas/Forth Worth Texas, were I joined a large franchise where I received my training. I had the wonderful opportunity to train with the movie star's of our business and to compete and travel for 18 years. I have won numerous awards in competitive dancing, including top teacher awards in Texas.

In 1989 I opened my own dance studio called Step-In-Out dance Studio in Grand Prairie, Texas. In my first year of business I had to move to a 6,000 square foot studio, for my student count had reach 400. This allowed me to incorporated children tap, jazz, ballet and Caitlin dance classes for children and young adults as well as adult ballroom classes and private lesson. I raised money and toys for the Grand Prairie Police Department for 10 years to support their 'toys for tots' program.

I have now joined Simply Ballroom located at 680 Douglas Avenue in Providence. I love to teach beginner as well as advanced students. My hope is to make the dance experience fun for all my students.
ADDRESS: Simply Ballroom/680 Douglas Avenue/Providence, RI
PHONE: 401-831-8353 (studio)
EMAIL: dbastone25@hotmail.com
posted 25Oct04

Musician, Percussionist, Composer, Videographer
Along with Brian Jones and Dorothy Jungels, Boston-based John Belcher put together and filmed the social dance documentary, Oh, How We Danced about social dancing in RI in the 30's and 40's.
(posted 25Jan01)

Laura Bennett received her early training at the Harlem Dance Studio from its co-directors, her mother Julie A. Strandberg and her aunt Carolyn Adams. She has danced in a variety of venues in works by Ruth Andrien, Colin Connor, Carolyn Dorfman, Danny Grossman, Doris Humphrey, Liz Lerman, David Parsons, Merian Soto and Charles Weidman, among others. Laura's choreography has been performed throughout the Northeast. A graduate of Brown University, Laura is a certified dance educator and has taught dance and theatre. She worked as the assistant director of Liz Lerman's Dancers of the Third Age. Along with Sita Frederick whom she collaborates with, she has studied at New York's 92nd Street Y's Dance Education Laboratory. Laura Bennett joined Fusionworks in 2000 and still occassionally performs and choreographs with them. She danced with WestSide Dance Project in 2003, which she co-founded with Mary Reavey Gendreau, and is Director of Operations for The American Dance Legacy Institute.
posted 08Mar01.updated 21Jan04

Dancer,Teacher,Choreographer,Owner Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Marc and Kristen Bertrand own and operate the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Johnston Marc and Kristen are both dedicated, full-time coaches, instructors and choreographers to the sport of ballroom dancing. They have trained for many years with world champion coaches and have traveled the world for the best education in ballroom dancing.
ADDRESS: Arthur Murray Studio, 1478 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, R.I.
PHONE: 401-274-8840
posted 25Jan01

Ballet,Jazz,Tap,African,Hip Hop,Theatrical
Alexandra Blackbird is a choreographer, instructor and performer of a variety of art forms and began her formal training at age seven in Boise, Idaho. She holds an Honors B.A. in Dance from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Within her twenty-one years of stage experience, she has choreographed, written scripts and lyrics and performed as an actor, cheerleader, dancer, gymnast, model, musician and has had multi-faceted stage crew experience. Ms. Blackbird has twelve years of teaching experience and continues to study many cultural movement forms from all over the world. She is well-versed in: African, Ballet, Ballroom, Brazilian, Breaking, Capoeira, Cheer, Contact Improv, Contemporary and Classical Theatre, Cuban, Flamenco, Funk, Gymnastics, Haitian, Hip-Hop, House, Improv, Jazz, Latin, Lyrical, Modeling, Modern, Musical Theatre, Old School, Stomp, Street, Stretch/Conditioning, Swing, Tap, Tai Chi, Visual Arts, Voice and Yoga.

Ms. Blackbird has seven years of arts administrative experience as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Fusion Dance Company (2002-1996) and Fusion Dance Studios (2002-2000) in Seattle, Washington. With Fusion Dance Company she toured the United States as a Principal Performer, Instructor and Assistant Choreographer while heading all administrative and production operations. With Fusion Dance Studios and Theatre Space, Alexandra was able to bring great artistic opportunities to choreographers, performers, students and patrons through many guest master classes, monthly theatre venues and the culturally eclectic mixture of dance classes offered daily. Her community involvement with Fusion Dance included: developing the Fusion Dance Outreach Programs for underserved youth, acting on the Board of Directors for Arts Orbit and being a Partner and Dance Stage Coordinator for the Cirque de Broadway Street Festival in Capitol Hill, Seattle's Arts District.

Most recently, Ms. Blackbird has completed a full year as a Guest Artist-In-Residence at Studio Encore Dance and Gymnastics Centre in Alberta, Canada. She taught twenty-two weekly dance and conditioning classes for ages 5 to adult in a variety of styles and levels. Ms. Blackbird also choreographed eighty Dance and Musical Theatre pieces that were showcased this spring in three local theatre venues, at an MS Benefit Walk, for the Mayor of Lloydminster and at three dance competitions held in Edmonton, AB. Alexandra performed a new lyrical solo piece which received the High Gold Awards, the Outstanding Award and two Scholarships in the Open Adult categories. She also performed an African piece with her students and received many Choreography Awards for this African piece as well as some of the Ballet, HipHop, Jazz, Lyrical and Tap pieces. She was a Dance Consultant for the competitive gymnastics team at Studio Encore and also choreographed for the local competitive synchronized swim team.

In 2003 she became the Director of the non profit Dance Forum and was in a Bollywood movie 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' (Tomorrow May Never Come) as a featured Street Dancer, Gymnast and Extra filmed in New York City.

As a mother, Alexandra learns so much each day that goes beyond child development. Happiness and Light stems from her best friend, five-year old daughter, Soleil and Strength and Reflection resounds within her because of her two-year old son, Azul.

In March 2005, Alex relocated to Los Angeles California
PHONE: 206-755-1886
EMAIL: alexandra@blackbirds3.com
WEBSITE: http://www.blackbirds3.com
posted 02Jul03.07May05
On January 15 2002, Catherine Bodner took over the ailing Hope High School dance program. She is a member of the Arabella Project a dance company featuring mature dancers, and in 2001 danced with the company in the premiere performance of Sumati Eberstadt's The Good, the Sad and the Ugly at The American Dance Legacy's Winter Dance Concert.
ARCHIVE:July 20, 2001 performed with the Arabella Project in The Good, the Sad and the Ugly and Not So Fast as part of Island Moving Co's 2001 Flight of Steps dance series held at Fort Adams State Park in Newport.
March 3,2001 performed (and along with Mary Reavey Gendreau, designed and created the costumes) in the premiere of The Good, the Sad and the Ugly at The American Dance Legacy Institute's Winter Mini-Fest Dance Concert Ashamu Dance Theatre Brown University
posted 3Mar01/updated 19Jan02
Modern (dancer,choreographer,teacher), Ballet, Jazz, Irish (teacher)
Tovah E. Bodner, a Rhode Island native, was first introduced to dance by members of the Rhode Island Dance Repertory Company (now the Arabella Project). She received her early training while dancing with Festival Ballet of Rhode Island, under the direction of the late Christine Hennessey. She attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, under a Promising Artist scholarship. Ms. Bodner went on to receive her BFA in dance from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She studied Irish dance technique and history at University College, Cork in Ireland.

She founded and is the Artistic Director of The Robin's Egg, a modern dance company. As Artistic Director of The Robin's Egg, she has choreographed for Alive With Dance in Amherst, MA, Island Moving Company's Flight of Steps and Open for Dancing in Newport, RI, as well as for The Theater Expansion's 2005 Dancestravaganza at The Carriage House in Providence, RI. Ms. Bodner has been commissioned by The Theater Expansion for their performances of Painted Alice and Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. Ms. Bodner performs with Nikki Carrara's Guerilla Dance Project, and has performed as a guest artist with The Arabella Project. She has taught ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, creative movement, and Irish dance in the Northampton, MA area as well as in Rhode Island. Ms. Bodner is on the faculty of the Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing and Visual Arts.
PHONE: 401-351-4936
EMAIL: tovaheve@hotmail.com
posted 01Jul04.updated 14Sep06

Teacher, Dancer
Argentine Tango
Ben moved to Argentina in 2007.

Ben Bogart is a dedicated Tanguero known throughout New England for his creative, playful dance style and positive nature. His evolved understanding of tango as a symbiotic communication of movement enables him to tailor each dance to fit any partner. All of his classes, in both Providence and Boston, are taught with detailed attention to technique and musicality. With a witty and nurturing attitude, Ben manages to inspire curiosity and a smile out of even the most nervous dancers.
WEBSITE: www.providencetango.com
posted 01Mar04.updated 25May07

Technical Director, Lighting Designer
Dorisa Boggs has been the Designer/Technical Director at Roger Williams University for the past 15 years and was also the Groundwerx Dance Theatre's lighting designer for most of that time. In addition, she annually designs the lighting for the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show and has designed for Perishable Theatre and Festival Ballet. She has her MFA from California State University, Fullerton, and has designed many dance, performance art, and theatre productions on both coasts.
PHONE: 401-254-3621
EMAIL: dsb@alpha.rwu.edu
posted 25Jan01.updated 01Mar04

Ballet, Modern (lRI,wRI)
Michael Bolger, a native of Fall River, received a BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase. Since returning to this area in 1995 he has been teaching dance and choreographing throughout the state and beyond. Presently Michael performs with Island Moving Company in Newport RI, Spindle City Ballet of Fall River MA., and with carolsomersDANCE of Boston MA. He has been an Artist in residence at Rhode Island College, Providence College and Roger Williams University. In the fall of 2005 Michael was appointed Director of Dance Education for the Island Moving Co. He is also currently on the faculty at Roger Williams University. Michael is a full time faculty member at Providence Ballet teaching in the children's division. in addition he teaches at the Dance Academy in Fall River, Providence Ballet, Providence Ballet II and the Newport Children's Theatre. In RI, He performed with the now defunct The Cadence Dance Project. He has been a guest teacher at the Portland Ballet School, and was commissioned to set a work for the Portland Ballet. He performs with Underfoot Dance in New York City, Carol Sommer's Dance in Boston, and in March 2001, with Spindle City Ballet in their production of the Nutcracker.

In recent years, he has found himself much in demand as a choreographer and has created dances for the RIC Dance Company, Island Moving Co and Convergence Arts Festival. His work has been seen in such diverse locations as the Bagnotti Fountain in Providence Park, the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Newport and Roberts Hall at RIC.
posted 25Jan01.updated 20Jun06

Owners of American Ballroom Dance Studio, Teachers
Joe and Clo Bouthiller are owners and directors of American Ballroom Dance Studio in Lincoln, Rhode Island. They offer instruction in all styles of dance weekdays and weekday evenings from 1:00-9:00 PM. Group classes take place on Sundays as well as on Thursday evenings. Joe is a certified Associate in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance-Ballroom Branch (ISTD). Together they have been certified by Dance Masters of American (DMA) and Dance Teachers' Club of Boston with the American Society (DTCB/AS) and have served on the faculty of both organizations. In addition to operating their own studio since 1973. Clo and Joe are dance instructors for the Learning Connection. Teaching experience at the colleges as Social and Ballroom dance instructor includes Providence College, Rhode Island College, Bryant College, Brown University (1982-1992), and Community College of Rhode Island (1993-present).
ARCHIVE: Dance Lessons
PHONE: 401-333-9270
EMAIL: clojoeb@home.com
posted 25Jan01

Theatrical, Tap, Swing (sRI, lRI, wRI)
Susan Boyce appeared as Follow, one of the two dancers (along with her longtime dance partner Brian Jones) who make up a kind of modern Greek chorus in Trinity Rep's production of Bridget Carpenter's Fall. Susan and Brian are the song and dance team Jones & Boyce. Since 1979, she has been featured with the New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra of New Orleans, The Paramount Jazz Band of Boston, and the New England New Vaudeville Revue. As well as appearing in concerts with composer/pianist Glenn Jenks, author arranger Terry Waldo, and the San Francisco-based trio Bo Grumpus, she has headlined at the Scott Joplin Festival in the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Fresno and Sacramento California; and the Hoosier Ragtime Festival in Indiana. With a theater degree from the University of Rhode Island, Susan has produced and recorded a CD and video, Ragtime Sweets, and currently records narration and character voices for McGraw Hill, Harcourt Press, Hasbro, Mattel, and Disney. Other appearances include the national a Capella Society's annual gathering, The Edinburgh Festival, singing with the Persuasions of New Year's Eve, regional leads in The Music Man, The Pirates of Penzance, The Boyfriend and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. She has also appeared with The Flying Karamazov Brothers' Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Band, and created the role of Shrimp Cocktail in Brian Jones's All-Tap Review.
ARCHIVE: May 12-June 25, 2000 at Trinity Repertory Company played Follow in the world premiere of Fall (a play set at a swing camp) by Bridget Carpenter.
PHONE: 401-724-4363
EMAIL: susanboyce@cox.net
WEBSITE: http://www.susanboyce.com
posted 25Jan01/updated 08Sep01/09Apr04

Faculty,Choreographer,Arts Administrator,Dancer(?)
One of the founding members of Groundwerx, Peter Bramante is now the executive director for Business Volunteers for the Arts/Rhode Island with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and is on the faculty of The Brown/Trinity Consortium which provides a three-year professional masters program to students under the auspices of Brown and Trinity Rep. His work has been presented by the Maine Arts Festival, Juneau Dance Unlimited, the Gowanus Arts Exchange, the New England and Northeast Choreographers showcase, and the American Dance Festival, as well as by numerous colleges and universities throughout the northeast. His choreographic work for Trinity Rep includes Marvin's Room, The Winter's Tale, Once In A Lifetime, and A Christmas Carol. He has performed with Laura Glenn Dance (NYC), The Invisible Theatre (NYC), and Looking Glass Theatre, and has appeared in the repertory productions of choreographers Sean Curran, Mark Dendy, Heidi Henderson, Bebe Miller and Mark Taylor. He is the recipient of three fellowship awards from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, has had his choreography selected for the American College Dance Festival, and was nominated for a full scholarship to the American Dance Festival. In addition to his work at Trinity Rep, he has taught at Roger Williams University, Rhode Island College and Connecticut College, where he received his M.F.A. in Dance Science and Performance Studies.
ADDRESS: Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce/30 Exchange Terrace/Providence, RI 02903
PHONE: 401-521-5000
FAX: 401-751-2434
EMAIL: pbramante@provchamber.com
posted 03Jan02

Dancer, Movement Therapist
Joan Brazier earned her CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) at the Labian/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in 1994 and earned her MS in Applied Anatomy and Physiology from Boston University in 1997. Her performance work includes pieces by Heather Ahern, Klara Koenig, Laura Glenn and Ed Groff. She continues to share her love of dance and understanding of movement through her work as a movement therapist, dancer and cardiac physiologist.
ARCHIVE: May3-5, 2001 performed Tough Love with Heather Ahern in Groundwerx Dance Theatre's Choreographers Showcase at The Carriage House.
posted 08May0

Denise N. Brown is currently living in New York City and will be receiving her Masters degree in Dance Education with K-12 Certification from New York University's Steinhardt School of Education in May of 2006. She holds a B.S. in Consumer Studies, from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where she was an active member of the dance and theater community choreographing and performing in both concert dance and musical theater. In her home state of Rhode Island, she has been employed with RI Dance Alliance as a dance educator for the outreach program Chance To Dance of RI, under the direction of Helene Scheff and Marty Sprague and has worked extensively with Fantasy Works Inc., a non-profit theatre company, as a choreographer and/or performer.

Currently at New York University, she is a member of the KaleidoscopeII dance outreach program and has had the opportunity to perform in choreography by NYU professors Deborah Damast and Andrea Markus. Ms. Brown also performed with New York University's New Music and Dance Ensemble in Genoa, Italy and New York as well as been a participant of New York University's Collaborative Arts Project, which utilized Internet II as a collaborative measure to create dance performance. In addition, Ms. Brown has danced in the NYU Masters concerts and most recently presented her own choreographic work during Fall of '05 entitled (B.O.D.Y) Bordering on Destructive Yearnings. Ms. Brown is also a member of the National Dance Education Organization and past presenter at the 2005 conference in Buffalo.
EMAIL: Dbdnce@aol.com
WEBSITE: New York University's Masters in dance Education
posted 12May03.updated 16Feb06

Ballet, Modern
Originally from Indiana, James Brown is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in political science. Since moving to New England, he has been a featured soloist with many of the local ballet companies such as Festival Ballet, Cadence Dance Project, Island Moving Company, Spindle City Ballet, Granite State Ballet and Ballet Theater of Boston.

His solo roles have included Harlequin Doll, Trepak and Spanish in Nutcracker, as well as Puss-n-Boots and the Jester in Sleeping Beauty and Jonathan and Renfield in Dracula. Besides classical repertoire, James has danced in many contemporary and modern works.

Now retired from Festival Ballet, James dances with Anna Myer and Dancers. In 2002, he founded the dance company Modern Populus along with Beth Petkus and Meghan French and now serves as it's director and choreographer. Among its achievements in 2003, in August MP performed its first full length concert and performed at On The Corner Of Arts & Vine at Waterfire.

James is on the faculty of New Bedford Ballet, teaches choreographic workshops during Festival Ballets summer intensive and has created and taught programs for inner-city children both in Providence and in Indianapolis, Indiana. He works as an artist-in-residence thoughout New England public schools.

EMAIL: jamesprestonbrown@hotmail.com

posted 25Jan01.updated 25May07

Dancer, Teacher, Artistic Director
Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet
Alissa M. Brule has been dancing since the age of two, and has continued to study and learn the art of dance ever since. Alissa graduated from the Community College of RI in 2002 with an associate's degree in Fine Arts. In 2004 she graduated from the Dance Teacher's Club of Boston Dance Education Training Program. Alissa is also a certified gymnastics instructor and a professional member of the USA Gymnastics.

In 1999 Alissa toured with Dance Olympus, a national traveling dance convention, for their summer tour as a V.I.P. In this position Alissa had the opportunity to take classes everyday with some of the countries leading choreographers and dancers such as Art Stone, Jo Rowan, Bill DeRico, and Frank Hatchett just to name a few. She also had the opportunity to assist them on stage while teaching thousands of students each day. While on tour Alissa traveled to, Las Vegas, Houston, Omaha, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

Alissa has won numerous awards in the field of fine arts. She was the fitness winner in the Rhode Island Junior Miss Scholarship pageant in 1999. In 2002 she was nominated for the prestigious Irene Ryan Theatre award for her performance as Jean in the Early Girl. That same year she was awarded the theatre award for the graduating class from the Community College of RI.

Alissa has taught at numerous places in Rhode Island and near by Massachusetts including Bay-View Academy, the Bristol Community Center, St. Margaret's School, & Sherwood Ultra Sport just to name a few. She has choreographed for the Junior Miss Pageant of RI, the Bishop Hendricken High School Cheerleaders, and the North End 49rs cheerleaders.

Alissa has taught and choreographed for Rosemary's School of Dance Education (Warren) for the past eight years. Currently Alissa is the co owner/director of Rosemary's School of Dance Education (Tiverton) Her students have been national winners at the Talent America National Competition held in New York City in 2001, and they also took home the award for Best Choreography for their Tap routine "Inspector Gadget". Alissa also teaches at Renaissance Academy in East Providence, RI.

Alissa continues to further her dance education by frequently attending conventions, and taking classes as often as possible.

ARCHIVE: Rosemary's School of Dance Education
PHONE: 401-624-2283
ADDRESS: 1719 Stafford Rd/Tiverton RI 02878
EMAIL: RsmryDance@aol.com
WEBSITE: www.rosemarysdance.com
posted 12Jul06

Dancer, Teacher, Artistic Director
Jazz, Ballet
Debbie Brzozowy has been performing on stage since the age of eight in various dance revues and musical productions throughout R.I. and Massachusetts. Her background began with modern dance with the R.J. West Modern Dance Troupe. She studied modern dance, jazz, and ballet with artists such as Clay Taliaferro, Dr. Fannie Melcer, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Jeannette Neil, Adrienne Hawkins, Jeremy Anderson, to name a few. She has also studied in New York City with Frank Hatchett. Debbie has choreographed and staged many dance productions and has been a jazz instructor for over 25 years. In July, 2000 she performed in Bristol Theatre Company's production of Evita. She also choreographed and staged productions numbers for the R.I. Jr. Miss Scholarship Program for 1997 and 1998, and currently choreographs for the Miss and Little Miss 4th of July Pageant in Bristol, Rhode Island.

She established the Studio 34 Dance Company in July of 1994 to offer jazz, ballet, tap and aerobic classes to adult students and serves as Artistic Director. In 2002 Deb started an after school dance program at the Rockwell Elementary School in Bristol for K thru 3rd grades.
PHONE: 401-474-6150
ADDRESS: Studio 34/1426 hartford Avenue,Johnston RI 02809
EMAIL: studio34@msn.com
posted 26Jun01.updated 11Jun07

Teacher, Dancer
Carol Anne Buckley lived in Honolulu and studied hula for several years with the late hula master Rose Kapulani Joshua, who was devoted to the perpetuation of a very old style of hula. Carol Anne has also studied with hula masters Lorraine Daniels, Emma Sharpe and John Kaha'i Topolinski in Hawaii, and taken classes with Michelle Akina, of Ma'iki Aiu's hula lineage, in Manhattan. She holds a MA in Linguistics from the University of Hawaii, where she studied Oceanic languages, concentrating on Hawaiian and Samoan. She has danced hula professionally and managed a Polynesian dance troupe, and has taught hula for over 20 years. She recently conducted a hula world-dance series at Healthworks in Cambridge, MA. In addition to her involvement in dance, she has been a video and film producer/director and an instructional designer specializing in adult education techniques.

Carol Anne's classes offer authentic hula choreographies backed by a sound knowledge of Hawaiian language and culture. Following Rose Joshua's philosophy that 'hula is acting,' she teaches movement, meaning, and hula stage presence. She believes in creating a supportive, joyous classroom experience that attends to each student's mastery of performance and technique.

Ms Buckley relocated in 2004 from Denver, Colorado.
PHONE: 401-467-1993
EMAIL: hulaworkshop@mac.com
posted 15Apr04

Director, Dancer, Producer
Belly Dance, Burlesque, Theatre
A Providence based theatre director, producer and performer, Amy Lynn Budd teaches acting and performs belly dance as Iris Khalida (on her own and with Dance Oasis' Troupe Nasib) and old-time burlesque as Lady Miss Iris.
PHONE: 401-965-5198
EMAIL: LadyMissIris@aol.com
posted 07May05.updated 21May05

Teacher, Dancer
Jessica has studying and performing Middle Eastern Dance for 4 years in addition to other multi-cultural dance forms for her whole life. Her teachers include Sabra Jamal and Melina. Her dance style is joyful, precise, and lively and her love of dancing shines through in her performance and teaching.

Jessica's performances have included: India Restaurant in Warren RI, Cafe Tazza in Providence RI, The Kasbah in East Boston, The Ugandan Social Club in Boston, the Big Island Hawaii and Athens Greece.

PHONE: 401-263-7855
EMAIL: jbuhler1@cox.net
posted 14Feb05

Cheryl Burns is the company Manager for Island Moving Company in Newport, Rhode Island, a position she held from 2000 thru 2002 and to which she returned in 2004.

She received her MFA in Theatre Management from Florida State University after graduating from Salve Regina University. She is a co-director of the dance program at the International Skating Arena in Raynham, Massachusetts as well as a tap and jazz instructor for children and adults at the Newport Academy of Ballet. Cheryl has previously danced and choreographed for Salve Regina University Dance in RI and Renascent Dance Theatre in Tallahassee, Florida.
PHONE: 401-847-4470
EMAIL: cheryl@islandmovingco.org
posted 8Mar01.updated 15Jan05

Dance Educator,Teacher(r),Faculty(r),Artistic Director(r)
Physical Education, Modern
(b. August 1921)
The founder and first artistic director of the Rhode Island College Dance Company, Billie Ann Burrill has had many careers including athlete, coach, sports administrator and dance educator. While she was director of the Health and Physical Education Department at Rhode Island College, her drive and enthusiasm enabled the school's Performing Arts Series to become the finest in the state. Through her efforts and those of her friend and colleague Fannie Melcer, some of the world's most prestigious dance companies (including the Martha Graham, Limon and Paul Taylor Companies), symphonic orchestras and theatrical companies appeared at Rhode Island College. In addition, she was the technical director and lighting designer for the Rhode Island College Dance Company for 20 years and served as production manager for seven years for the American Dance Festival at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut. The organizer of 17 different courses at Rhode Island College, Burrill coached the school's fencing team to national prominence and organized the New England Women's Intercollegiate Fencing Association serving as its president. Under her direction, a number of fencing championships were held in New England cities including Providence.

A native of Joliet, Illinois, Burrill joined the faculty at Rhode Island College in 1954, after serving in the Women's Army Corps during World War II. During her four and a half years of service, she rose from private to captain and spent time in the Pacific Theater of Operations. After she completed her military sevice, she received an undergraduate degree from Boston University and a Master's Degree from Smith College. She retired from Rhode Island College in 1980, and at the age of 64 began to swim to ease the pain of arthritis and developed into one of the world's best Master's swimmers, winning nearly 300 gold medals and setting world records in her age groups in three different swimming events. Always looking for a new challenge, Billie celebrated her 75th birthday in 1996 by skydiving, and that same year, she and Fannie Melcer along with their friends and colleagues established the Burrill-Melcer Dance Resource Library Endowment Fund at Rhode Island College.

Billie is on the board of the Rhode Island Dance Alliance and was the honorary chairman of the NDEO 2002 National Conference held in Rhode Island. She has been inducted in the Rhode Island Aquatic Hall of Fame, the North Providence Hall of Fame and, in 2000, the Scholar-Athlete Hall of Fame. (Most of this biography is from the International Scholar-Athlete Hall of Fame website at http://www.internationalsport.com/sa_hof/hof_rihonorees.html )
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